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Papiniidu 13, 80042 Pärnu +372 682 7955 +372 566 65535

Delivery times from a week to several months.
Additional information or tel. (+5666) 55 35.

Request installment payment

ESTO installment - do not want to pay the full amount at once?

Possibility to pay in installments!


Use when paying for goods just ESTO installment payment - more convenient and faster installment link in Estonia!

Please contact us when paying in installments THIS or customer service and you will receive a postpay link. When paying, choose the period that suits you, the amount of the monthly installment and digitally sign conveniently Using an ID card, Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

ESTO installment payment is a fast and convenient payment solution that will help you create a payment schedule based on the period you have chosen. This payment solution makes a decision in real time and helps you make a purchase in less than 60 seconds.

ATTENTION! Each installment is a financial liability. Before concluding a hire purchase agreement, read the terms and conditions of the respective service and, if necessary, consult an expert.

ESTO 's installment provider is ESTO AS (reg. code 14180709).

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The standard ESTO installment terms are as follows:

  • Annual interest 0% to 14.90%
  • Contract fee from 0 euros
  • Period up to 4 years


All citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged 18-70 can apply for an ESTO installment.

ESTO installments can also be processed quickly and conveniently for legal entities.


Every financial decision involves risks and obligations, so we ask you to think carefully about the need to consume loan products. For example, for a loan amount of 1059 euros with a fixed interest rate of 24% per annum for 13.90 months and a contract fee of 13.90 euros, the credit cost rate is 38.14%, the monthly payment is 60.72 euros and the total amount repaid by the consumer is 1457.28 euros.


Our sales office is located at Papiniidu 13, 80042 Pärnu.

Please call us in advance by phone (tel. 56 66 55 35 or e-mail ) to notify, so that we may be there for you!

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