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Papiniidu 13, 80042 Pärnu +372 682 7955 +372 566 65535

Delivery times from a week to several months.
Additional information or tel. (+5666) 55 35.

SOLAR ELECTRICITY, PV solar panels, solar stations, solar panel controllers

CHOOSE WIND AND SOLAR ELECTRICITY - be independent of energy sellers. Wind and
lack of sun is not expected :)

The average annual production of a 100 W solar panel is about 100 
kWh of electricity, panel price approx. 200 eur.

Choose an investment that does not incur monthly expenses, but starts with yourself 
pay off now!

For an introduction to solar panels and instructions on how to use them, see:


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Our sales office is located at Papiniidu 13, 80042 Pärnu.

Please call us in advance by phone (tel. 56 66 55 35 or e-mail ) to notify, so that we may be there for you!

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