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Moodulkorstnad ja korstnahülsid roostevaba terasest T600 °C temperatuuriklassiga


Näit. 40 kW tahkeküttekatlale sobilik korsten on Ø 200 mm ja 8 m 

         30 kW tahkeküttekatlale sobilik korsten on Ø 180 mm ja 8 m


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Mob: 566 65 535



RGJ isoleeritud roostevabad moodulkorstnad


RGJ double wall chimney system
Double wall insulated chimney system for gas, oil, wood and multifuel
appliances and open hearths for residential and commercial applications.
100 – 500mm internal diameters.
Double wall chimneys consist of two pipes (inner and outer) with
different diameters. Longitudinal joint of these pipes are plasma welded.
Inner pipe is made of acid-resistant stainless steel, grade AISI316. For
insulation is used mineral wool mat - „ROCKWOOL\" Wired Mat 80\"
thickness 50 mm.
Chimney system is CE marked and has been certificated
according with European standard EN 1856-1.





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